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About Us


"I Am Residue Free"


Rev. Dr. Marisha Stewart

The Lioness Queen Christian women's empowerment organization represents courage, hope and faith. The organization is dedicated to inspire, encourage and empower women to use their faith to let go of the residue from their past and embrace their purpose.  We believe all women should recognize the worth of their crown and the importance of releasing residue from their lives is necessary for walking in their purpose.  

Rev. Dr. Marisha founded the Lioness Queen organization in February of 2020. She is a licensed minister, encourager, author, counselor, motivational speaker, influencer, professor, divorce/widow coach and Christian podcaster dedicated to helping women recognize the worth of their crown. She is best known for the Lioness Queen christian  podcast, Lioness Queen YouTube channel, and Widow Chronicles featured on Tik Tok and YouTube Channel. 


Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland; Rev. Dr. Marisha has lived in Maryland her whole life. She began her pursuit of knowledge in 1991 and after so many years, Rev. Dr. Stewart obtained 4 degrees connected with helping others. 


She accepted the Lord at a very young age. Growing up as a preacher's kid (PK), she learned for herself who God was and what He can do. In 2019, Dr. Stewart became a licensed minister at Cornerstone Peaceful Bible Baptist Church while at the same time God was doing an inner work on birthing a ministry. When she finally accepted the call into ministry, she experienced separation/divorce. One would think this would not happen after accepting the call to do God’s work but God had a bigger plan. Divorce was the biggest traumatic experience she had ever faced in her life; however, it was the most influential moments that catapulted her into her purpose of founding the Lioness Queen organization.



Since the conception of the organization, the Lioness Queen podcast aires on 8 different platforms to 30 different countries with 422K downloads and was recently featured as #12 in Feedspot Top 20 Christian Women Podcast.  Everyday Rev. Dr. Marisha is building her following all over the world, on Instagram 19.5K followers, Facebook 2K followers, Twitter, Tik Tok 8K followers and even Pinterest with 23K followers.  In addition, Rev. Dr. Marisha has been featured on more than  60 other podcasts, interviewed on IG LIVE shows and ministered at international conferences giving women hope and a voice. Her transparency and willingness to be honest about the importance of using one's faith is the key to believing that your latter days are better than your former. 

Why I started Lioness Queen

My brokenness led me to my purpose!

My Purpose Lead Me To My Ministry

God healed and restored Rev. Dr. Marisha's brokenness from her divorce while at the same time preparing her for ministry. She realized healing was connected to her mindset on how much God loved her, how much she loved herself and how she could be open to love again. In 2019, Dr. Stewart became a licensed minister at Cornerstone Peaceful Bible Baptist Church while at the same time God was doing an inner work on the women's ministry she birthed called “Lioness Queen.” Rev. Dr. Marisha's goal is to help encourage women who are stuck and still struggle with recognizing the worth of their crown. The mission is to live "Residue Free," and realize that it is the quality of one's thinking that dictates how they perceive the truth or a false narrative. 

Valentines Day Dinner with Other 

Lioness Queens

God told Rev. Dr. Marisha to plan a Valentine's Day dinner with a few women to help them celebrate loving themselves. It was a great time of sharing, crying, and fellowshipping with other women who understood the the emotional trauma that comes with divorce. What we realized through this this experience was all of us dealt with the spirit of rejection but with different stories which made us connect even more. We can't wait for next Valentine's Day and want to invite more women to join us in the great fellowship learning how to love ourselves the way we should be loved.

Why choose us?

Rev. Dr. Marisha's professional background, education and personal experiences makes her qualified to work with you! On the flip side, it is her passion, love, anointing and gift that she has to help women work through the pain like she experienced. She believes that God has given us everything we need to become residue free. What is that you may ask? The word of God which is the "TRUTH."

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