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 Rev. Dr. Marisha helped give me a voice to tell my story about my divorce and not be ashamed. It was her encouragement the helped me pursue my purpose and write my first book telling my story. by TrevisMichelle

I didn't realize how some of my emotions I thought I dealt with, obviously just suppressed. But my God something came over me. When you mentioned that before the temperature changes it has to rain. I screamed out...."a cleansing, " and the tears came. I don't think I realized how much I needed your ministry in my life. Cathartic and Therapeutic. Thank you!  by Nakia

Hello sister. I so enjoyed episode 1. Listening to you, I realize that there are many similarities. There is a shunning that takes place when divorced couples are in ministry together. Unfortunately, I dealt with so much shame. I so appreciate what you are trying to do.  I am going to subscribe to your podcast!  by undisclosed

Thank you so much.... I truly appreciate your word of encouragement. So many “friends” and “family” judge when you are going through mixed emotions and expect you to just be over it already. Sometimes I tell myself that too and it just doesn’t happen that way. Just don’t know how bad I want to rid myself of him and I WISH it were that easy. It helps to know that I have others who aren’t so judgmental and willing to lend an ear....  by LaCicely

We as women need to support each other more. You are doing a great job with your ministry! Today I am celebrating being Residue Free! Amen! I'm fascinated by your energy and anointing when you minister. It helps encourage me to speak my truth someday. I know I have a calling on my life. Still praying for direction as to where God is calling me to use it/share it. Stay blessed and please continue to share with me/the world the next time God wants to speak through you. by Sunaray

I loved your recent podcast on "You Don't Need to Understand" especially the part about having hope. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. It feels like there is a collective hope challenge in our country in this season. I am so thankful to know the author of hope. Your delivery is so relatable! Ann


Why choose us?

Rev. Dr. Marisha's professional background, education and personal experiences makes her qualified to work with you! On the flip side, it is her passion, love, anointing and gift that she has to help women work through the pain like she experienced. She believes that God has given us everything we need to become residue free. What is that you may ask? The word of God which is the "TRUTH."

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