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Dear Lioness Queen

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Lioness Q​ueen Podcast

Rev. Dr. Marisha has launched her new christian podcast "Lioness Queen" empowering women to use their faith to let go of the residue from their past and embrace their purpose. We believe all women should recognize the worth of their crown and the importance of releasing residue from their lives is necessary for walking in their purpose. The ultimate goal is to help women learn how to move forward in their purpose and become totally "residue free." 

date/time: every tuesday @ 3pm

podcasts available on various listening platforms: iTunes, google podcasts, spotify, iHeart Radio, Anchor,Amazon, pandora and spreaker.

If you have been uplifted and inspired by the Lioness Queen podcast, 

please consider a small monthly donation to help sustain the ministry. 


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"i am" series virtual women's

empowerment session

I AM” Series is a virtual women's empowerment session that inspires, encourages, empowers women to embrace who they are as women. The sessions focus on topics that tap into the overwhelming stressors that impact our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  we as women are so busy with so many things...roles, responsibilities, pursuits, children, job and we easily forget how special we are to God. It is a time to help women be reminded  who they are and the importance of the crowns they wear!   

During the live session, the host & co-host will facilitate discussions regarding how to help women value the worth of their crown.  Also, there is a lot of interaction and participation from the audience that allows engagement so that we can all learn, empower and have fun together. 

Date/Time: TBD 

Location: Facebook live (marisha stewart or lioness queen)

previous sessions may be viewed on youtube: Rev Dr Marisha

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Widow chronicle series

Unfortunately, Rev. Dr. Marisha lost her husband Charles Stewart to colon cancer on January 3rd, 2024. Ever since her divorce, Rev. Dr. Marisha had a passion for helping divorcees and widows. Never in a million years did she think she would be a widow so early in her marriage but God had a purpose and plan. God birthed in her a show called "Widow Chronicles". Rev. Dr. Marisha interviews other widows who had to learn how to use their faith to push them through their grief journey to heal and breathe again.  Check it out and be inspired to hear the women and men who walked this long journey but in the end learned that God's ways are not our ways but that never means we are alone!


Why Choose Us?

Rev. Dr. Marisha's professional background, education and personal experiences makes her qualified to work with you! On the flip side, it is her passion, love, anointing and gift that she has to help women work through the pain like she experienced. She believes that God has given us everything we need to become residue free. What is that you may ask? The word of God which is the "TRUTH."

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